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Lotus in Bloom

Inspiring Lives works in collaboration with providers to assure that we are referring those that are seeking Mental Wellness.  We also offer "Retreats" for every individual.

A time to find oneself and walk in wellness. 

Mental Wellness 

Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower


At The Well |
Pastor Janelle Adorno
Spiritual Therapy

• Four year graduate of Florida Multicultural Institute Bible Seminary, Assemblies of God 
• Credentialed Minister of Assemblies of God
• Ordained Pastor 

Southeastern University:
• Major in Ministerial Leadership 
• Ministerial Ethics
• Pastoral Development and Care
• Emotional & Spiritual Healing Life Coach 


It’s no coincidence that you found me.
Perhaps what brought you here was a spiritual crisis, a major life change, an awakening. Perhaps an inspiration or a friend’s recommendation that rang true in your heart. Perhaps you’ve been seeking answers to life’s challenges and pain, longing for change. This is your Soul calling you to live out your purpose.

To connect, create and evolve into a greater expression of yourself.
This is your path to fulfillment and your greatest contribution to the world.
This is the journey we will go on, together. Our world doesn’t need more pain.
It needs you to be free, inspired, crystal clear on your vision and able to realize it.


It’s your birthright to enjoy: physical, emotional and mental well-being harmonious home and family life fulfilling relationships and sexuality, rewarding business and creative projects, peace and synergy in your community and environment life-affirming spiritual connection because this makes you better able to make a bigger contribution.


Having committed fully to my spiritual journey and healing work, I sought extensive training and research, expanding my understanding and ability to connect with the Holy Spirit. I also explored four years of ministerial preparation to receive credentials and ordination of the Assemblies of God. 

At the same time, I found the modern convergence of spirituality deeply fascinating. I was very excited to train in energy work that incorporates biblical principles.


I refer to biblical principals for my method of healing, transformation and manifestation of the works of the Holy Sprit.  My connection with the Holy Spirit  is my form of therapy giving room for his manifestation in each session.  I call on your inner man  and take you on a journey of inner healing.
As your awareness  expands, the heaviness you had been holding melts away.
Your heart opens, full of wisdom and love. You feel the transformation in every cell of your being.


- Couples Counseling

- Personal Empowerment

- Spiritual Breakthrough 

- Individual Counseling  


Our goal is to provide the best client experience with every client, every encounter, every time within the spiritual.

Every individual is evaluated to assure we are referring individuals to those who provide clinical and therapy that meets the need.  We are not Licensed Mental Health Counselors, we are certified biblical counselors.  


Pastors Miguel & Janelle Adorno 

The Well . 
What Can I Say This Place Completely Helped Me Open Up About Things I Thought I Would Never Speak On , Pastor Janelle doesn't only make you feel Welcomed & Like Family But She Allows You To Come Dysfunctional To Be Able To Function Again . It’s Not Only A Safe Place But A Sacred Place That Allows You To Be Free . I Came To The Well Broken | Hurt | Dysfunctional | Unforgiving | & LOST Not Knowing What Would Be My Next Steps Or Move To Make , I Wasn’t Sure About This Whole Opening Up Thing Because People Have Dogged Me Behind Closed Doors So Much But I Put My Pride To The Side & Said Okay God Let Your Will Be Done .  I Started Coming & Things Would Start Surfacing That I Didn’t Even Know Where Inside Of Me | Things I Swept Under The Rug Etc .. Deliverance Started To Take Place & It Was Scary But It Made Me Confident In My Walk | Healing Started To Take Place But It Made Me Whole In My Walk . I Was Free From Anxiety That Would Hold Me Captive | I Was Free From Depression That Would Keep Me In Dark Places | This Place Definitely Gave Me A Boost & Push In My Walk That I Wouldn’t Wanna Take For Granted , I Would Highly Recommend The Well & Specifically Pastor Janelle . Thank You For All Your Help & What You Do Your Greatly Appreciated . 
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