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About the Inspirers 

Our vision is global! We engage women and men, encourage, them to walk into Mental Wellness and empower them to be equipped to unlock their potential. We are here to help walk this journey and empower to activate their spark as they step out to live their best life and change the world! 

Our mission is to cultivate a greater relationships; to be able to empower women and men  of all ethnicities, denominations, and economic levels. We strive to change our nation through inspiration that awakens potential, offering programs that sustain service.


We offer scholarships and grants

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I was a teenage mom and many said I would amount to nothing! But I believed my life had a purpose and this is how I pay it forward. By giving on to others the same grace and mercy that was given to me. My life is to be used to inspire others to believe in their God-given purpose.

Janelle Adorno

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I had to ask one day "What's my purpose" it was that moment where I was all alone in a cold room with a metal bed, a place that I would not wish for anyone to have to be.  It was after 52 weeks in the cell that I understood I had a purpose and it was not to ever come back to this place again. Today I use my testimony to inspire and encourage others that "God does not create junk He creates Masterpieces" 

Miguel Adorno

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