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Galentine’s 2023 Take away💌…..

We planned and things just did not go as we had planned.... has this ever happened to you? An idea was brought up so we decide let's do it and as we move on this idea we don't see much of a response so we easily allow discouragement to slide in.

Thank God for those women in our lives that say things like "I think we should do it no matter what" att: Nique she says we should take a bunch of pictures and share it because next year is gonna be a "won't want to miss" event. I'm so grateful for women that push us to do it anyways.

Honestly, after that last conversation I did not even think about this gathering until last night and this morning. I actually heard the Holy Spirit say.... "I like this" I had to sit and think what does He like... "He does not want us to control anything" PERIODT!

He wants us to be open to His plan! He wants us to be available, vulnerable, transparent and intimately seeking His guidance. With all that said can we give God all the glory!!! What an amazing night. Galentine's 2023 was a success. It was beautiful to have girls, women of all ages come together and just allow God to have his way! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we hope to see you next year!!!

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