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2022 Recap

In 2022 I’ve accepted and committed to such a level of trust & peace in God like never before. I’ve learned that nothing will ever change if it’s not a true desire in the heart of where it’s to occur. You can’t change anyone so please Stop 🛑hurting yourself (note to self) leave people right where they choose to be. Go Pray 🙏

As I go back and look at each and every topic (sermon) God led me to speak on this year I stand in complete amazement of how Faithful God is to bring me into the place I find myself today!

Look how amazing God is 👇🏽 I will never preach a message that I can’t apply to myself first.

January 22 - “I’m All In”

Janelle there is no going back

February 22 - “Love Anyway”

Janelle no matter what you see or hear guard your heart ♥️ and you shall prosper

March 22 - “Unexpected”

Janelle I promise you that once your desires are completely on what I desire for you,  I’m going to blow your mind

April 22 - “”Exposed Faith”

Janelle I’ve done it before and I will do

It again your faith will be tested but always know I’m faithful it’s a fixed fight the victory is in me and you have made this known

May 22 - “Matters of the Heart”

Janelle now that you have aligned yourself completely I’m ready to shift you

June 22 - “Ready for Take Off”

Janelle I promised you I would and the time has come

July 22 - “You & Me”

Janelle now that it’s You & Me stay focused and cancel all the noise and distractions of what is not from me

August 22 - “Never stop learning”

Janelle embrace all I’m pouring into you as it’s going to be useful for where I’m taking you

September 22 - “Go Outside”

Janelle you have everything you need now go and share it

October 22 - “Prove It - Evidence of Faith”

Janelle your faith has made you whole my Good and Faithful servant

November 22 - “Year 9 Momentum”

Janelle because you did not grow weary your level of revelation has increased to lead you into places and with people you never had even imagined being possible

December 22 - “My Greatest Gift”

Janelle because you have allowed me your reward has been given onto you

Ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself (No Shame in the Game) keep It real as you owe that to yourself.

Did you allow God to challenge you this year?

Have you grown and if so, Is it evident ?

Are you in a different place or

Still struggling with the same issues?

ie: insecurities, identity, relationship issues, doubt, fear, stagnation, confusion, jealousy, envy, excuses, justification, inconsistency, non committed.

With 3 days left in 2022 stop 🛑 and check as it really does matter to God that we grow into our God giving purpose.

He created you & me for greatness!

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