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Watch Ata Pata Laapata for Free in 720p Hd: How to Find and Stream the Film Legally

Ata Pata Laapata Download 720p HD: How to Watch the Musical Satire for Free

Are you a fan of musical comedies and satire? Do you want to watch a movie that features a huge star cast of veteran actors and newcomers? If yes, then you might be interested in watching Ata Pata Laapata, a 2012 Hindi-language film directed by Rajpal Yadav. But where can you find this movie online? And how can you download it in high quality for free? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will tell you what Ata Pata Laapata is about, why you should download it in 720p HD resolution, and where to find the best free movie download sites for this film.

Ata Pata Laapata Download 720p Hd

What is Ata Pata Laapata?

Ata Pata Laapata is a musical satire film that revolves around the story of Manav Chaturvedi, a man who files a police complaint that his entire house has gone missing. However, he becomes a suspect himself when the authorities think that he is trying to claim the insurance money. The case attracts the attention of the media and the public, and exposes the loopholes of governance, bureaucracy, and corruption. The film also features several songs and dances that add to the humor and entertainment value.

Plot summary

The film begins with Manav Chaturvedi (Rajpal Yadav) narrating his story to a lawyer (Amit Behl). He tells him how he bought a plot of land from a builder named Jagrut Jaganath (Manoj Joshi) and constructed his dream house on it. However, one day he returns from work to find that his house has disappeared from the site. He goes to the police station to file a complaint, but he is met with disbelief and ridicule. He also learns that Jaganath has sold the same plot to several other people, and that he is involved in a scam with the BMC commissioner (Govind Namdeo) and other officials.

Chaturvedi's case becomes a sensation in the media, and he is interviewed by various reporters and channels. He also meets Satyaprakash Choubey (Ashutosh Rana), an honest journalist who supports him and tries to expose the truth. Meanwhile, Chaturvedi's wife (Radha Yadav) leaves him due to his troubles, and he faces threats from Jaganath's goons. He also encounters various characters who are either victims or beneficiaries of the system, such as S.P. Shastri (Dara Singh), a retired police officer who helps him; Pagla Baba (Satyadev Dubey), a mad saint who gives him advice; Munshiji (Vijay Raaz), a corrupt accountant who works for Jaganath; S.P. Vijay (Vikram Gokhale), an honest officer who investigates the case; and many others.

The film ends with Chaturvedi winning his case in court with the help of his lawyer (Asrani) and Choubey's evidence. He gets his house back, along with compensation from Jaganath and the BMC commissioner. He also reunites with his wife and celebrates with his friends. He concludes his narration by saying that he hopes that his story will inspire others to fight against injustice and corruption.

Cast and crew

Ata Pata Laapata is Rajpal Yadav's directorial debut, as well as his production venture under his banner Shree Naurang Godavari Entertainment Ltd. He also plays the lead role of Manav Chaturvedi. The film also features a huge ensemble cast of more than 50 actors, including some of the most renowned names in the Hindi film industry. Some of the prominent actors are: - Ashutosh Rana as Satyaprakash Choubey, a journalist - Manoj Joshi as Jagrut Jaganath, a builder - Govind Namdeo as BMC commissioner - Asrani as Chaturvedi's lawyer - Dara Singh as S.P. Shastri, a retired police officer - Satyadev Dubey as Pagla Baba, a mad saint - Vijay Raaz as Munshiji, a corrupt accountant - Vikram Gokhale as S.P. Vijay, an honest officer - Om Puri as the narrator - Yashpal Sharma as a politician - Zakir Hussain as a judge - Mukesh Tiwari as a police inspector - Lateef Sheikh as a police constable - Sharat Saxena as a goon - Razzak Khan as a barber - Krishna Bhatt as a tea seller - Radha Yadav as Chaturvedi's wife - Amit Behl as Chaturvedi's friend and lawyer The film also features several newcomers and lesser-known actors who play various roles in the film. The music of the film is composed by Sukhwinder Singh, Sujeet Chaubey, and Amod Bhatt, and the lyrics are written by Sameer. The film has 11 songs, sung by various singers such as Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kailash Kher, and Rajpal Yadav himself. The choreography of the film is done by Ganesh Acharya and Raju Khan.

Reception and reviews

Ata Pata Laapata was released on 2 November 2012 in India. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its bold attempt to make a musical satire on the social issues of India, and appreciated the performances of the actors and the songs. Others criticized the film for its weak script, direction, editing, and production values. The film was also compared unfavorably with other musical comedies such as Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and Khosla Ka Ghosla.

The film did not perform well at the box office, and was declared a flop. The film was also involved in some controversies, such as Rajpal Yadav being accused of fraud by a Delhi-based businessman for not repaying a loan of Rs 5 crore that he had taken for making the film. The film was also banned in Uttar Pradesh by the state government for allegedly hurting the sentiments of a particular community.

Why download Ata Pata Laapata in 720p HD resolution?

If you are interested in watching Ata Pata Laapata, you might want to download it in 720p HD resolution. This is because 720p HD resolution offers several benefits over other resolutions, such as: - Better picture quality: 720p HD resolution has a pixel count of 1280 x 720, which means that it has more pixels than standard definition (SD) resolution (480p) or DVD quality (576p). More pixels mean more details, clarity, and sharpness in the image. You can enjoy the colorful visuals, costumes, and sets of Ata Pata Laapata in high definition. - Smaller file size: 720p HD resolution has a smaller file size than full HD resolution (1080p) or ultra HD resolution (2160p). This means that it takes less time to download and less space to store on your device. You can save your bandwidth and memory by downloading Ata Pata Laapata in 720p HD resolution. - Compatibility: 720p HD resolution is compatible with most devices and platforms that support HD video playback. You can watch Ata Pata Laapata on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, or streaming device without any issues.

Comparison with other resolutions

To give you an idea of how 720p HD resolution compares with other resolutions, here is a table that shows the pixel count, aspect ratio, file size, and quality of different resolutions:


Pixel count

Aspect ratio

File size (per hour)


480p (SD)

640 x 480


700 MB